Gun of the week!  Remmington 700

From remmington. made in many calibers, and stock choices. capable of sub M.O.A out of box.

Why trust store beef, when you can have chemical free deer!

Anti gun thinking

-guns kill people, only the military should have guns, gun control works,the police are good protection. And worst of all no one will bring a gun into a no gun zone, 

Pro gun thinking

the police  arnt fast enough, guns are fun, they are needed for hunting, what if some one wanted to  hurt/ kill my family. and Best of all, when seconds matter the police are there only in minutes.

Too bad its too cold to fish and too warm to ice fish.

Im starting to get depressed lol, but i really need a warm day to go fishing or at least a really cold one. well at least theres still hunting untill febuary 2nd i think ill have to check that out.

So how has the hunting been???

well you can comment on the blog